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Absolutely stunning!

Probably one of the best upbeat trance tracks I have heard

Never ceases to amaze me

You always seem to be the one that catches me with your great music. I may have said before but man, you got some real talent!

If you ever check out my songs I tryed makeing one of my own! :)

Keep up the good work


Interesting, but it reminds me of the MMORPG Runescapes music. Maybe you should get your music on that game.

Gerontius responds:

Hmm, that's weird. I had someone else tell me it sounded like Zelda. I've never played either of those games, though. Maybe I do need to get into the computer game biz...

Goes straight to the heart and soul!

You truely inspired me dan! This is a powerful moving song, yet sad and hopeful.

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Just plain awsome!

The only reason I put nine is that it could be a little longer. Otherwise, into itunes it goes, lol! Keep up the good work!

Absolutely loved it!

This has just got be the best type of dance there is, The one thats associated with hope! Well done!

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Shinrog responds:

I is, after all, about life, and life=hope =)

Really liked it!

All it needs now is a little more bass. Still it's amazing!

Shinrog responds:

thanks man, the bass cant be changed though, can reupload anymore.

As usual, brilliant

You probably know by know from everyone else that your very talented. This is my favourite one so far, but please carry on making more.

P.S. Just asking, do you use a spesific software? Cuz I Use Mixcraft 4 and was just wondering is there anything better?

Reasoner responds:

hey bro sorry for the late response. I don't use one specific software program but I am partial to Live 6.0 with Reason rewired into it. It's a great combination.

Just simply amazing!

Very Very good calm and relaxing piece. Please carry on writing more!

P.S. Yes of course you have a life, and a brilliant talent too!

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Very good hearing skills

Very well done. Sounds almost completely like the origional!

basically my actual username is BlueWave105

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